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We-Vibe Sync Australia!

Since 2004, the original We-Vibe has literally been changing lives and bringing previously undiscovered orgasms and satisfaction to women all over the world. With its now recognisable C-shaped form, this small yet powerful vibrator was specifically designed to work in sync with the female body to create an easier way for women to orgasm during intercourse. With over 2 million original We-Vibes sold around the world, this mission was a success, and the company expanded to create a whole range of sex toys for pleasure enhancement and orgasmic bliss. From the small but mighty Tango vibrator, to the innovative curled design of the Nova rabbit vibe, We-Vibe certainly know pleasure, and with a whole new generation of technologically advanced, app-ready sex toys, this is one little vibrator taking huge leaps into the future.

Check out BeDaring’s range of We-Vibe products here.

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