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Jimmy Jane Menstrual Cups

Jimmy Jane’s Menstrual Cups are perfect for someone looking for an eco-friendly period alternative. Made from 100% FDA approved body safe silicone, these cups are comfortable, reusable, and more versatile than pads or tampons. The fuller rim creates a seal to prevent leaks and spills while the anti-suction holes ensure easy removal. Designed for up to 12 hours of continuous use, it’s safe for long-term wear.
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Progressive period care, by design. We know your lifestyle is busy and diverse. Our silicone menstrual cups offer a custom solution for your unique, active lifestyle.

These reusable Menstrual Cups are ideal for beginners or pros. Perfect for anyone conscious about their waste, or just someone looking for a more efficient period management option. The menstrual cup simply needs to be removed and rinsed before continuing immediate use. Longer term – before and after each menstrual cycle – the cup will need to be sterilised by boiling in water to ensure residual bacteria, etc. are killed. It is really that easy to keep you and the environment clean and healthy.

These cups, made from 100% FDA approved body safe soft silicone and are therefore comfortable, reusable, and more versatile than pads or tampons. Step-by-step instructions are included with two insertion methods to put newer users at ease. Once in place, a gentle spin will ensure that the fuller rim will create a seal to prevent leaks and spills. To ensure easy removal when the time comes, the anti-suction holes ensure that pressure does not become uncomfortable. Designed for up to 12 hours of continuous use, it’s safe for long-term wear. Studies have shown no link between the use of menstrual cups and Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Jimmy Jane’s Menstrual Cups come with two sizes– regular and small. As everybody is built differently, and has unique menstrual needs, this product is versatile to suit what works best for you. The different sized cups may suit different flow days, times in your life, or can even be split between you and friend. It is perfectly adaptable depending on your personal needs. Treat yourself and the Earth!

Key Features and Benefits

  • 100% FDA approved body safe silicone for peace of mind
  • Reusable which is not only ecofriendly but awesome value for money
  • Safe to wear all day with no link to TSS
  • Easy insertion with step by step instructions included
  • Anti-suction holes for comfort and easy removal
  • Includes two sizes with capacities to suit all flow needs
  • Storage bag for discretion and peace of mind storing
  • Fuller protective rim prevents leakage or spills while remaining comfortable.
  • Designed for 10-12 hours of continuous use for your convenience
  • 30-day international warranty


  • Diameter: Regular – 45mm (1.8”) | Small – 43mm (1.7”)
  • Cup Length: Regular – 50mm (2”) | Small – 40mm (1.6”)
  • Total Length: Regular – 65mm (2.6”) | Small – 55mm (2.2”)
  • Capacity: Regular – 21mL | Small – 14mL
  • Material: Silicone
  • Colour: Translucent white
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