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Sexual Wellness Education

Buyers Guide to Douches

Buyers Guide to Douches
Douching (doo-shing) is an absolutely vital component of anal play whether it be with just anal toys or traditional anal intercourse. This guide will show you everything you need to know about Anal and Vaginal Douching

Ways to feel Sexually Empowered - International Womens Day

Ways to feel Sexually Empowered - International Womens Day
There can be a lot of shame around women’s bodies and sexuality but embracing sexuality and sexual wellbeing can be very empowering for women. This often means different things for different people. Some keys ways to feel sexually empowered

What You Need to Know About Having Anal Sex for the First Time - Part Two

Due to the delicacy of the anal erogenous zone, losing your anal virginity can be likened to losing your vaginal virginity in many ways. As such, relaxation is crucial to a fantastic first time anal affair! Embedded with nerve endings, it stands to reason that anal sex frequently feels amazing!

What You Need to Know About Having Anal Sex for the First Time

Have you had Anal sex before or are you planning to give it a go?

Relationship Advice Straight From The Professionals

Relationship Advice Straight From The Professionals
Are open relationships doable? Read this article on how to strengthen your relationship by prioritising your partner.

Seven Reasons to Masturbate Before Work.

Seven Reasons to Masturbate Before Work.
Orgasms increase happiness and love; Orgasms improve muscle tone; Orgasms make you smarter; Orgasms lower pain levels; Orgasms are a great detox; Orgasms lower stress levels; Orgasms improve your skin

Kegels & Pelvic Floor Muscles

Kegels & Pelvic Floor Muscles
Pelvic floor muscles are those you use to stop the flow of wee when going to the toilet! So spend some time in the bathroom getting to know these muscles

Meeting "Your" Needs

Meeting "Your" Needs
"HI" "I'm just looking!" This exchange happens multiple times daily for me. I understand that people do just want to look, but you have made the effort to come into my store and I am here to help you.

The “Pornification” of Youth

The “Pornification” of Youth
It’s one of the biggest topics being discussed across the mainstream media, teenagers access to pornography. Never in generational history has porn been more available or more explicit than with the rise of the internet and technology.

Picking Your First Sex Toy

Picking Your First Sex Toy
Hi There! I always greet my customers with a big smile and a cheery HI (this way I don't need to know if it is morning or afternoon) - this is one of the ways that I try to put everyone at ease when they come in to my store.

What Is Pony Play

Pony Play (PP) is a specific form of BDSM fantasy role play that incorporates Dominant and submissive roles as well as clothing, items and props to cater to the roles of pony and trainer/rider/groomer.

Swings and Slings

Toys can be a great investment whether it's just for you, or for you and your partner to play with. After all we as humans are not perfect. Our hands cramp and our jaws get tired, so a toy can keep going and provide that constant stimulation when we cannot. Though it can difficult to incorporate toys in the bedroom. After all who is going to hold the vibrator when your hands are already busy? Thankfully we have some toys specially designed to solve this problem.

Popping the Question: How to Ask Your Girlfriend to Watch Porn With You.

Its never easy popping the question. The answer is one of two extremes, she could be delighted and wonder what took you so long, or she could be mortified. However don't be discouraged, we have new evidence to back you up, plus a wide selection of DVD's to choose from.

10 Health Reasons to Ramp up your Sex Life

Sex involves our circulatory, nervous and muscular systems and brains, so it's a tune-up and workout of everything that's important." Sadly, it's often the first thing to go when our health is on the blink. "We have the attitude that sex is a luxury item instead of a necessity for wellness. We also think of it as something only for the young and strong, but its effects are a bonus as we age." Still need convincing? Here are 10 health reasons to ramp up your sex life:

Finding A Ring That Fits

Sometimes I am asked a question that I find difficult to answer. Why you may ask? Because I am not a man. I cannot experience what a man feels, or measure my penis. So when I am asked about penis rings, you can only imagine how hard it can get to explain the technicalities. So with my trusty BeDaring buying guides, store managers and buyers on stand by I will answer some frequently asked questions.

Why Pheromones Are Important

We all want our sex lives to look like something out of a steamy sex scene or even hard-core porn, and here at Be Daring we sell numerous products that help you achieve that. However some of our products tend to be overlooked. Two of our most overlooked and effective products that will give your libido that extra kick are pheromones and aphrodisiacs.

Choosing Your First Adult Pleasure Product

Choosing your first toy can be daunting. With so many toys out there how do you find the right one for you? There is much to consider when choosing a toy. What sort of budget are you working with? Do you want a classic or one that has all the latest features? Here I'll be discussing some of the products that we have to offer, and how to find the right one for you.

The Hype behind Fifty Shades of Grey

The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy has generated much controversy since its publication. Whether this controversy is caused by the subject matter, an inaccurate portrayal of BDSM and its community, or the depiction of a dysfunctional relationship as healthy , these books have opened the way for wider discussions on sexuality and sexual practices. The once tabooed practice of BDSM (Bondage & Discipline, Sadism & Masochism) was a great focus of these books and, because of this, has been brought into the spotlight and freely talked about. In fact, pleasure brand LELO reported a 50% increase in bondage toy sales since the novels release and the number of people experimenting with bondage and role playing games is rising dramatically.

Working in an Adult Shop

Working in the Adult Industry. By: Amber Working in the adult industry I get asked a lot of questions. Whether it’s about products or just the industry in general I have a lot to answer too. Every shift I am having to break taboos and explain how our bodies really work. In this blog I’m going to answer some of those questions.

The Desire For Intimacy is Timeless

So sang the Righteous Brothers in the 1965 classic hit “You’ve lost that Loving Feeling”. As we age it’s natural for our physical abilities, our desire and passions to wane with the years. The desire for intimacy is timeless. Studies now confirm that no matter what your age, you can enjoy sex, a healthy libido and desire for intimacy for as long as you wish. While sex may not be the same as it was....

Tightening Your Anal Muscles

When it comes to anal play, some people like to experiment and play with toys that become progressively larger over time – ending in the XL to Extreme range. These larger toys offer a much more pronounced sensation of fullness, but used incorrectly can lead to permanent stretching in the area or other ill effects such as: internal tearing, rectal prolapse, anal leakage or other embarrassing and other slow healing issues. The best preventative and recovery strategy would be exercise...