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Buyers Guides: Restraints and Cuffs

Extreme Sex Toys and Bondage

Hand cuffs and, restraints in general, are a sensuous way of heightening your pleasure through the restriction of freedom, and is most often referred to as bondage. A trademark of the kink culture! Both beginners and experienced players alike can enjoy the delights this style of bondage has to offer as there is a huge range of restraint items available. Typically, beginners are recommended to start out with light bondage, which usually involves the use of ties or cuffs where the bound person should be able to escape on their own but allows the person to give up the feeling of being in control and to let go of inhibitions. For more experienced players who want to advance their technique, heavy bondage involves using restraints where a person cannot normally escape on their own, again the main purpose is to not only free the person in bondage of any control, but to also restrain them for typically longer heavier periods of play.

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Types of restraints

Restraints are one of the most versatile bondage ranges there are, and while restraint bondage can be an advanced technique it is also a fun and exciting introduction to BDSM (Bondage and Discipline (B&D), Dominance and Submission (D&S), Sadism and Masochism (S&M), yes that’s quite the mouthful!). Many people may already have their own idea of what bondage is, whether it be fluffy metal handcuffs or Japanese silk ties, but there are a number of different restraints on the market that give the same outcome, catering to everyone’s own personal needs or preferences.

These are a majority of the options you can find here at BeDaring:

Handcuffs and ankle cuffs

Hand cuffs and ankles cuffs are specifically designed to wrap around the wrists and ankles, usually locking or strapping together to ensure that our hands and feet cannot escape, just think of what the police use. These kinds of cuffs can come in a variety of materials and aesthetic designs. Typically, metal or metal fur-lined cuffs are the most affordable, but due to sizing are usually restricted to wrists and can be uncomfortable if worn for extended periods of time. You can also get foam or fur padded cuffs, which boast comfort, whilst still being affordable and adjustable. In terms of quality, leather cuffs are usually the go-to, being both durable and comfortable (with padded linings) outlasting most other cuffs. Cuffs will usually be connected by a chain, but this can often be removed if you want to place, rope, a spreader bar, or any other kinky idea in its place, making them perfect for versatility.

Bondage Rope and Tapes

Bondage rope and tapes allow almost all of the body to be bound, to not only restrict movement and restrain, but to also wrap, decorate, or in the case of rope alone; suspend. Bondage ropes are often used in shibari practices, which is a Japanese style of bondage, essentially meaning, “to tie”. You’ll probably feel like you’re back in cub scouts, but rope bondage is dependent on knot tying, often with classes (probably in your city) on this being given by experts, it’s a great way of keeping things exciting with your partner! Bondage tape, on the other hand, is designed to not only stick to other bondage tape, but once the seal has been made it has almost no give, making it perfect for immobilisation. You can also use tapes for other bondages purposes, such as: gags, blindfolds, and hoods.

Collars and Leashes

Collars are a type of restraint that wrap around the neck or collar, and often come with the attachment for a leash. These can be used to keep someone in their place as a mode of restriction, or even to reinforce submission for those in a BDSM relationship. Collars are super versatile in terms of materials, and can range from padded foam, to leather, to stainless steel. Collars also have the option of being worn only during play but can be discreet enough for wearers to wear in public, or to permanently wear, conveniently extending bondage play outside the realm of the bedroom.

Spreader Bars

Often used in conjunction with hand and ankle cuffs on each side, spreader bars are a steel bar designed exactly for, well… spreading. Where that is exactly is purely up to you, but they do come in a huge range of sizes, often even having adjustable options (perfect for those who want to use them on both wrists and ankles).


There’s nothing sexier than safety! The most important part of any bondage play is to do it with someone you trust, that’s what makes it enjoyable! Also ensure that there is clear communication between the restrained person and the non-restrained person. This can be verbal via a safe word, or even non-verbal (if you’re using a gag) but this should always be thoroughly discussed beforehand, to give you both piece of mind. It is also a big no-no to leave any immobilised person alone at ANY time. Not only is irreversible nerve damage quick to occur, but being left unattended may give added anxieties, and make it a not so enjoyable affair. And the goal is to restrain, not to cut off circulation, tight does not always mean better. Especially with ropes and tapes, you should always be able to slide two fingers between skin and bondage, and keep scissors on side for easy release from bondage if needed. Remember, keep it safe, sane, and consensual!

A little something extra

Now that we’ve got restraints sorted, you may find you’ve developed a passion for bondage items! Blindfolds, gags, and ticklers, or even bondage kits are a great next step into the world of bondage toys. You can also use these along items such as drip candles, paddles and other impact play items, and even electro items – if you’re feeling confident.

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