Seven reasons to masturbate before work.

During orgasm, oxytocin is released. These are responsible for attachment, love and contentment.


2. Orgasms improve muscle tone, making orgasms more and more intense –

 The rush of blood enhances the health of the pelvis.


3. Orgasms make you smarter- 

DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) is released into the body resulting in increased memory and brain function.


4. Orgasms lower pain levels –

Oxytocins is also a pain reliever getting rid of headaches and cramps.


5. Orgasms are a great detox –

The rush of an orgasm removes toxins from the blood stream.


6. Orgasms lower stress levels –

The stress hormone, cortisol is lowered after orgasm, making you happier in general.


7. Orgasms improve your skin –

The hormones released and detoxed during orgasm clear up your skin and give you a younger appearance.


It’s hard to be cranky when you’ve had multiple orgasms!


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