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Manchester Couple Take “Mile High Club” Initiation to New Heights.

Manchester Couple Take “Mile High Club” Initiation to New Heights.


Many of us would love to join the “Mile High Club”, and there are numerous ways to recreate the experience! Some buy some flight attendant lingerie and do some role play at home. Others lay back with a copy of Jesse Jane’s “Fly Girls” and go to town. There are tales of folks cavorting in the Airport commodes, and some even go so far as to heroically brave the tiny Aeroplane lavatory - sexing each other’s brains out in there.

But would you believe it’s now gone further? Yes. Further. A twosome on a flight from Manchester to Ibiza decided to go all the way - IN THEIR SEATS! It began with the lad having a laugh and making jokes with other travellers about having sex. He then went further, requesting a condom! (Good on ya buddy-safe sex is supreme!). Next, much to the astonishment of everyone, the lady hopped on board her boyfriend. The drunken duo then rode out the remainder of the flight.

The guy sitting next to them became an honorary pornographer, getting his camera out and shooting the whole state of affairs. Shockingly, this didn’t dissuade the couple one bit! Nor did they stop when the woman in their row implored to change seats.

So, what transpired afterwards? Let’s face it; if this were an American or United Airlines flight, the customers would have had a decent beating! Thankfully, this didn’t become the situation on the Irish RyanAir budget flight. Apparently, the aircraft attendants took it in their stride, and apart from repositioning a few infuriated travellers neighbouring the sexing pair, they supposedly did absolutely nothing!


You can see the footage here.

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